published on: Wed, 15 Apr 2015, 16:35

New dress from old dress

Week 1 

Ever had an absolute favourite piece of clothing you loved - the style, the fit, was so comfy you wore it to death and wished you could buy another one ? Or another one in a different fabric??  Well I have and I'm going to share how to make another one in a totally new fabric so that you can have Old Trusty in a totally new design - all the comfort, but tons more style and unique to you. Sound good good? Follow me then...

Old Trusty
Who is Old Trusty ? It's your go to garment can dress up a bit for glamour or can be comfy on a long car journey you love it so it's a great choice for this project - here's mine! A few years old, made from cotton no fastenings, slip over your head and you are comfy and I love the flattering hanky hem... 

Analyse this! 

Now you have picked your Old Trusty garment it's time to analyse it! What? This is where we look firstly at fabric of existing garment - is it cotton? Is it stretchy or not? Mind is easy it's a non stretch cotton so im basing instructions on this. More questions we need to ask Old Trusty as soon we will be taking scissors to him (sssh) 
Does it still fit you? 
Is it lined? 
Does it have a neck facing ? (Bit of fabric on inside of dress made of same fabric 
Armhole facing (see above) 
Are there any changes you want to make to the garment?? Longer, shorter

These are the basic things we need to establish before we start hacking up Old Trusty - top tip here is take lots of pics of your cherished item as it will help you put it all together again when we have our new pattern! 

Next Steps 
In my next blog we will start to deconstruct Old Trusty, tasking pics and note to help us on the way as our new dress gets closer!! So start choosing fabric!! X

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